Hello, I‘m “Dr. Suka”.  As an RN and healer, my goal is to get to the underlying source of your suffering and that’s why I’ve spent over 40 years rescuing people from self-sabotaging nosedives, including depression, addictions, aches, pains, and emotional trauma.

“I’m so tired of prescriptions and platitudes. I want a real solution. Please help.” If this sounds like you, get your free report on how one simple vitamin can provide relief for 9 common health problems.

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First Response for Optimal Health

It’s estimated that for most people 70% to 100%  of unwanted symptoms will be reduced or eliminated by following this holistic, biochemical, self-help, PRIMARY BRAIN REPAIR program.

This HOLISTIC, SCIENTIFIC approach reduces or removes the need for most or all medications.  

Home Pg WELLNESS-DVD-BOOK-COVER-032414Dr. Suka’s U.S. and international clients praise this SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE approach to wellness.  Now, you, too, can benefit. This AFFORDABLE and easy-to-follow program is available in SELF-HELP MANUALS, books, DVDs, and by private consultations with Dr. Suka.  Inquire about presentations, workshops,  and fundraisers.

Heal the World, One by One

EDUCATORS, COUNSELORS, HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, MINISTERS, HUMAN RESOURCES:  You can use these  effective tools  in your business, school, church, healthcare, treatment, or fitness programs.  Offer your own Wellness Education programs and create ongoing classes and support groups using these  professional materials. These self-help materials are also useful aids for individual counseling. Discounts  are available for educational purposes.

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TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH – Wellness Simplified with Dr. Suka

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In the most delightful and warm way, Dr. Suka “talks” about the topics closest to our minds and hearts.  This book includes transcripts from 24 of her recent Unity.FM international radio shows.  You won’t want to put this book down.  The topics include Halt Premature Aging Now, Want More Sunshine in Your Life? The Cookie Monster -Hypoglycemia, Five Simple Steps to Optimal Health, Enjoy Life More, Your Body Type, Seven Dwarfs and Superman, Lion in Waiting, Relief from Depression,  Bodyguards Got You Covered? Bodyguard Banquet, What are you Hoarding in your Mental House? Preventing Dementia and Alzheimer’s, The Hundredth Monkey Cure – Cannabinoids, Is There a Cure for Alcoholism? Color – The Hidden Persuader, The Ultimate Healing – Past Lives Therapy, Take a Leap of Faith, and What I know for Sure.  This book will fascinate and inspire you.

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Integrative Memory and Past Lives Therapy

Feeling blocked?  Stuck?  Confused?  Resolve both known and deeply hidden, traumatic memories that hold you back from realizing your potential.  Heal emotional trauma, physical disorders, addictions, financial lack, relationship issues, and much more. Using a conscious memory method, healing and transformation can be realized in just a few sessions.  Dr. Suka was trained and certified by Dr. Morris Netherton in the world famous Netherton Method of Past Lives Therapy.


First Response for Optimal Health

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