Hello, I‘m “Dr. Suka”, a recovering RN from the allopathic medical system. I’ve spent over 40 years rescuing people from self-sabotaging nosedives, including sugar cravings, addictions, depression, dementia, and emotional trauma.

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First Response for Optimal Health

It’s estimated that for most people 70% to 100%  of unwanted symptoms will be reduced or eliminated by following this holistic, biochemical, self-help, PRIMARY BRAIN REPAIR program.

This HOLISTIC, SCIENTIFIC approach reduces or removes the need for most or all medications.  


Home Pg WELLNESS-DVD-BOOK-COVER-032414Dr. Suka’s U.S. and international clients praise this SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE approach to wellness.  Now, you, too, can benefit. This AFFORDABLE and easy-to-follow program is available in SELF-HELP MANUALS, books, DVDs, and by private consultations with Dr. Suka.  Inquire about presentations, workshops,  and fundraisers.

Heal the World, One by One

Educators, Counselors, Healthcare Providers, Ministers, Human Resources:    You can use these effective tools in your business, school, church, healthcare, treatment, or fitness programs. Offer your own Wellness Education programs and create ongoing classes and support groups using these professional materials. These self-help materials are also useful aids for individual counseling. Discounts are available for educational purposes.  A Train-the-Trainer Program is Available.


Unity.FM Radio Show 12/19/2014 What I Know for Sure

In this final Wellness Simplified radio show I simply want to share myself with you from the bottom to top of my heart. It’s about chopping wood and carrying water, about eating when hungry and sleeping when tired. It’s about love and enlightenment. I hope you’ll join me.


A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California.

Integrative Memory and Past Lives Therapy

You can resolve deeply hidden, traumatic memories that hold you back from realizing your potential.  Heal emotional trauma, physical disorders, addictions, financial lack, relationship issues, and much more. Using a conscious memory method, healing and transformation can be realized.  Dr. Suka is trained in the Netherton Method of Past Life Therapy.


First Response for Optimal Health

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